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After a successful career in leading roles in television and film, including a regular leading role as Santa Andrade on the popular soap Santa Barbara, Ava went on to form a production and personal management company, Tarnoff/Lazar, with John Tarnoff, a former executive at DreamWorks Animation, who is now a new media consultant for Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon. Together they produced Nature of the Beast, for New Line Cinema, and developed two interactive games based on George Orwell&rsquo;s 1984 and Aldous Huxley&rsquo;s Brave New World.</p>
<p>Ava produced several independent films &ndash; Savage Land, a children&rsquo;s western which sold 6.5 millions copies, along with three run and gun productions: Wooden Gun, Mic and the Claw and Trafficking for Joe Minion (After Hours and Vampire&rsquo;s Kiss). She also worked as a sales consultant to Northern Arts and Associates, an International Art House distribution company.</p>
<p>Ava expanded her talents to include design consulting when she joined Kay Lang and Associates, a successful high-end hospitality design firm in Los Angeles, as director of Sales and Marketing. Later she became a sales consultant to two of LA&rsquo;s top staging and design firms, Meridith Baer &amp; Associates and Interior Illusions.</p>
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