Transforming Creative Vision


Each project must meet the company’s basic core values: compelling stories, script, director, cast, the right budget and a team that can execute development, pre-production, production, post-production and marketing.

Content Development

Our team strives to create compelling stories,  conceiving the under underlying premise, supervising the writing process, selecting original source material, securing the necessary rights and providing initial financing, when applicable.


Our team’s core value is to create compelling music to accompany and enhance the story according to the filmmakers vision, whether that entails creating a score, soundtrack, sound effects or an original song.

Strategic Advisory

We provide a wide range of advisory and consulting services across all areas of motion picture, television, music and digital content packaging, branding, finance and exploitation.


New to the Neighborhood a seemingly normal couple tests their boundaries when they meet their neighbors. When Kelly’s mother comes to visit, it becomes a steamy and eventually uncomfortable night for everyone involved…

Hot Tub When Kitten and Cowboy meet a similar couple at the bar, their night turns from average to very interesting. Kitten ends up having a SMOKING HOT experience in the hot tub, a hysterical ending to a sensual encounter.

Mardi Gras: When a couple goes out one night looking for fun, they found another couple doing the same. While they all thought a sexy night was ahead of them, a shocking fact is revealed!

The Threesome a couple seeks to spice up their sex life, and choose to initiate a threesome. However when they meet two cute girls at a bar, they realize they aren’t willing to go to ALL lengths for a threesome… it turns out they didn’t meet two cute girls after all!

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