Klementina is a Croatian – American actress, dancer, musician, recording artist. Best known as featured dancer on Soul Train, the legendary television program where she honed her craft for 15 years. Klementina was born in the USA but spent her early years growing up in Croatia where as a little girl she sang Croatian songs at weddings and birthdays with a live band.

Her father relocated the family to the USA when she was 9 years old and settled the family in Yucca Valley California and enclave near Joshua Tree. It’s was there she began her performing career journey, dancing and performing in school plays, dance recitals and competitions. But, it was when she heard Whitney Houston’s “How will I Know” that inspired her to pursue her dream of a career in music.
Shortly, thereafter she entered a lip synching talent contest and she one first place. She entered dance competitions as well and naturally took home the gold.

However, her passion for dance and acting was placed on hold as she substituted her aspirations and focused on Athletics. In High school she excelled in tennis, soccer, basketball and track. And as the oldest of the three children took care of her siblings and protected them from her abusive father. But it was tennis where she flourished. Under the guidance of her coach she was on a trajectory to pursue a professional career.
However, her heart was in the performing arts, acting, dancing and singing and her passion drove her to pursue a career in entertainment.

Fresh out of high school she began auditioning for casting directors getting roles as an extra. She enrolled in acting classes, got her head shot and landed her first feature role in the USC student film “The Impossible Dream” . She began making the rounds and landed roles primarily as an extra. When a producer spotted her at an open casting call for a Japanese television documentary about Elvis, she was selected to play the role of Priscilla Presley. Her athleticism led to play a stunt double for the Pink Power Ranger.

To make ends meet she enrolled in school where she earned her certification as a master stylist and colorist and went on understudy with the world famous hair impresario Jose Eber.

And at 21, she became a featured dancer on Soul Train. Got married and gave birth to a son and daughter. Performed on music videos for Mariah Carey, In Sync and appeared on the Young and Restless. The Wonder Years, and several television commercials. On Soul Train, she met two music recording engineers/ producers who suggested she record some music.

Shortly thereafter she began writing and recording what would be tracks for her debut album. While earning a living as a hair colorist and stylist to pay for her recordings, Soul Train hardly pay the bills. She took a home equity loan, found a producer and invested in recording sessions. But, managing her own career, raising and providing for the welfare of her family and the end of Soul Train, began to take a toll on the family and, her marriage ended in divorce. Finally, the album which took five years to complete was ready for distribution. She formed a band started performing in clubs around Los Angeles and was booked for several shows in her native homeland Croatia.

The brief promo tour was somewhat successful but creative differences with her producing team, and band leader soon led to an unfortunate turn of events and Klementina dissolved her partnership and band. She proceeded to perform in clubs singing to her tracks backed up by team of dancers. She manage to book herself and appeared at the world famous Zelda’s in Palm Springs.

Two years ago she teamed up with talent manager, producer, executive and former musician Jay Malla Maldonado, Malla Entertainment who after hearing Klementina’s debut recordings recognized that her music was relevant and contemporary in the pop dance genre market place. Together they began to plot a career strategy. Remixing, rehearsing, writing and developing her talents in acting, dance and music and seeking distribution licensing deals for her long overdue debut album. “Klementina.” Her journey continues as she gets ready to make a her music available on various streaming and distribution platforms.

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