Laura Guevara

Pop and World music stand out in the fusion proposal of the Venezuelan songwriter Laura Guevara.
She coined the term Folk of the city to speak of her musical genre that mixes the sounds of rock and pop with traditional Latin American genres.
Her live performances are explosive, her energy is full of expressiveness, theatricality and dance take over the stage.
Love, hope, internal strength, criticism against the abuse of power, diversity and joy are important themes in her songs.
Her voice has a very particular personality, she can reach very dark and deep tones, but also very sharp and bright notes. She has in her essence the tradition of the great female voices of Latin American song.
Laura Guevara was distinguished on May 17, 2017 by international amnesty with the mention of emissary of conscience for being a spokesperson for messages against violence, her commitment to human rights, democracy, freedom and social causes.
Laura Guevara has had tours in Spain (2015, 2019), Colombia (2016,2 017), Venezuela (2015, 2016, 2017), Panama (2017 and Mexico (2018, 2019).
She has participated in the EXIB 2015 music markets (Bilbao, Spain),
FIMVEN 2015 and 2016 (Caracas, Venezuela) and CIRCULART 2016 (Medellín, Colombia).
She has participated in festivals such as the Tecate Location in Torreón mx (2019),
El Chintololo fest in Mexico City (2019), El atypical fest in Coahuila, mx
(2018), Texcoco beer fest mx (2019), festival cantautores Venezuela (2016, 2013),
Caracas Festival in Contratiempo Venezuela (2014), among others.

in 2015 Laura Guevara was the most nominated artist at the Pepsi music awards (Venezuela) with a total of 7 nominations of which she won 4 awards: pop artist of the year, female artist of the year, pop song of the year with “Late” and video of the year with “Late“.

For the first time, Telefónica Movistar uses a song by an independent artist from Venezuela, “El Constructor”, composed and performed by Guevara, to set music for its 2015-2016 campaign with the commercial “Connections”.

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