Luna Lamilla

Feminist singer-songwriter from the north of Chile, brings us the Song of the Desert Rooted with Mother Earth. From a witch’s trance from the wise womb, she flings her songs to the wind with experimental feminist folklore. In the sound proposal and identity of it we find the use of the pedal charango creating different atmospheres.
Her musical work consists of the 2015 EP “Ritual” presenting a dreamlike proposal singing to the moon and the desert in which she grew up. Produced by herself, with this EP she was the winner of the Maipú Production School, appearing at the GAM Cultural Center and at the International Book Fair in Mapocho Station.
In 2018 he presented his first LP album called “Lunática“, working with producer Tomás Pérez in the La Salitrera studio, mastered by Chalo González, presenting an album that kept the charango with pedal as its identity, and incorporates strings, synthesizers, acoustic guitar and percussions. With this album she was recognized nationally by winning “Escuelas de Rock Versión Mujeres Creadoras” in 2019, and she was the winner of “Escuelas de Rock Región Metropolitana” in 2020.
She has participated in the festival “Todos Juntos Santiago” 2019 in the Teletón theater, in “Ruidosa Micrófono Digital” and in “Rockodromo” in 2021.
She is currently recording her third EP called “Canto de Mujer” thanks to the award of the Government’s music fund in the line of folk roots and native peoples.
Her most recent single “La Llave” remastered by Tomás Pérez highlights the more experimental side of her.

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