Rockdra is a Mexican Alternative Rock band.
Founded in 2017 by Rodrigo Miranda (Guitar / Vocals) and some time later David Ortiz (Bass), Eduardo Jaimes (Guitar) and Are Drums (Drums) joined.
Rockdra tries to be a different project in which genre is not a problem and they can distinguish themselves from the typical Rock band, and they have demonstrated it in each of its presentations, managing to transmit all its energy to the public on stage, touring stages with artists. known as: PXNDX, Allison, Beta, CHKF and more.
Since 2017 Rockdra have been having a great reception with the public.
Rockdra debuted with the Ep “Fénix” consisting of 4 singles, and in 2021, they released their second Ep “Cielo Negro“, along with the official video for “Pecado Original“.
In 2021 Rockdra released a new single called “Último Día” which was produced by Reuven Amiel (Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer).
By 2022 they will release a single called “El Juego” that will be part of his EP “Duele Amarte“.

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